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The Protection of the Human Mind & The Right to Freedom of Thought

I am interested in the regulation and the protection of the human mind, which leads into questions such as which legal rules apply to the mind, how does the law concptualize the mind, how are mental states and processes protected againt unwanted interferences of various kinds?

At the international level, one may wonder whether the mind, or particular features of it, are protected by human rights. In general, the mind tends to be a „second class“ citizen in domestic law, as evidenced by rather narrow limits for mental harm in tort law, and


One suggestion is to actualize the human right to freedom of thought, which is codified in many human rights treaties, from the Universal Declratoin of Huamn Rights to regional instumetns usch as the Americn or Eeoin Covniejtn. The right has, so far, been undereplxord. But how might tthi slook, I am explring this in severl appers (and curently wringg a nogprih on it). If you ar eitnestd. Here are some sring pints:

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